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Roxstar Studio is an aerial imaging service company, based out of Moab, Utah. We specialize in custom aerial images of a subject from an elevated platform with the help from a UAV, or drone. Roxstar Studio is a perfect solution for your aerial imaging needs. Roxstar Studio is your best choice for your outdoor Moab adventures video with you as the star. That's right! You just have to do what you do and leave the images up to us. That way you'll know, "you got that on camera, right?" You can really perform better when you don't have to worry about getting that perfect shot. Roxstar Studio also can help your business grow more customers with our custom promotional videos of your business, and / or major events: Like weddings, reunions, and much, much more.  Keep scrolling and check out our media gallery. Let us show you what we can do for you.  

History of Roxstar Studio

  Roxstar Studio LLC was founded and created by Dylan Beck in 2013. With an entrepreneurial mind set he saw an opportunity to make his mark in the world, and he went for it. Growing up in a beautiful place like Moab, Utah he new that the money is in the tourist industry. The thought that maybe those visitors that came to Moab wanted an action video of themselves doing their outdoor recreational activities. The only problem was the FAA just shut down the whole operation because of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations states that in order to fly a drone for money you had to be a licensed pilot. After several months of waiting for the FAA to establish the new "Drone Laws" of the land Roxstar Studio was grounded, as far as commercial flight anyways. In September of 2016 Roxstar Studio passed the part 107 UAV pilot exam, and is now a legal aerial imaging service ready to serve you. Roxstar Studio has a very diverse range of clients including Playboy Magazine, Patagonia, Moab Powersports, Starpoint Enterprizes, Grand Rental, Woody's Tavern, the Moab Golf Club, and Grand County High School Yearbook. The list goes on and on. So why not add you to this list of satisfied customers? Call us today! 435-220-0664.
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Homeowners/Realtors Sell your home fast with Roxstar Studio's aerial imaging service

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Construction Sites

Contractors and Investors[br/] Get weekly up to date aerial images of your jobsite. Know ever aspect of your jobsite working smarter not harder. Keep investors happy and helps with overall site planning.

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If you want the ultimate souvenir then look no further, How about a custom built action adventure video of you as the star! Thats right we can make you an outdoor adventure video of you doing those extreme outdoor activities that you do when you visit the Moab area.



Video Library


Cable Arch

Gay Addventure Week

Learning to fly video.

Learning to Fly Video


A Moab Boy's Adventure

The Desert in Winter

The Desert in Winter

Woolston Wedding

Woolston Wedding

Star Point Enterprises

Star Point Enterprises
Green River Pipeline Project


Dylan Beck

Owner & Creator of Roxstar Studio

Dylan is a FAA Certified Drone Pilot, Owner/Creator of Roxstar Studio. Senior Editor, and Photographer.

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Flagship Drone

DJI's S1000

Eli Gritts

Photographer & Camera Operator

Eli is the Camera operator, Photographer. and Personal Consultant.


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